Art in Schools

Art in Schools

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I am about to start on my seventh visual arts project at Medlock Valley Community School. This year the prjoect will be using sketching and drawing skills and the theme will be 'Our Art Village' using the school environment and developing sketching and drawing skills.

I have been working at Medlock Valley Community School for five years as their resident artist . I have led projects on The London Olympics; Folk art and tales from around the world; Imagine Nature; 3D, work based upon class topics; very large whole class works based on curriculum themes using printing, painting and drawing skills, and this last year the children all worked on 3D projects on Multicultural themes, we used clay, papier mache, textiles and weaving.

Medlock Valley School is a wonderful school in which to work and I feel privileged to have been asked to lead the art projects.

I have recently taken 12 art days at Hey with Zion Primary School. Our art has been inspired by classical literature and children's fiction. We produced art work on Beowulf, Macbeth, The Lady of Shalott as well as words from the opening verses from St John's Gospel - "The Light Shines in the Darkness". Also The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Aesop's fables, Leon and the Place Between and The Man in the Moon.

Since 2008 I have led many different types of Arts and Minds Workshops in many primary schools throughout Oldham. Here are some examples of the workshops available:

INDIVIDUAL CLASS WORKSHOPS: linked to a class topic

MASTERCLASSES: the children and teacher watch a demonstration then recreate this in their own classrooms

LARGE SCALE ART WORK: a group of children make a permanent work of art for their school

IN-SERVICE TRAINING: twilight sessions for all staff to try new ideas in a hands on session

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: the school provides a theme on which I work alongside pupils and staff -

For every Arts and Minds Workshop, I bring all the necessary equipment, brushes, paints, pencils and papers

I am a qualified primary school teacher with 12 years experience of teaching all age groups from Reception to Y6

SCHOOL WORKSHOP PRICES- all materials provided

Cost for FULL DAY all materials provided : £250 *

Mornings : £195

Afternoons : £150

Twilight INSETS £175 {all materials provided}

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